Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dye Designs: Full Speed Ahead in Roatan!

Despite recent political turmoil in Honduras, The Black Pearl remains under construction and things remain normal on the island of Roatan.

“When countries go into funks like this, things slow down -- fuel comes in slowly, parts for bulldozers come in slowly. It's sometimes aggravating, but working on an island in a foreign country, you learn to expect it. We are focused on building the golf course and creating a vibrant community that helps to enhance tourism to Roatan.” Says Perry Dye who is heading up the project.

“The island is not as effected by what is occurring in Tegucigalpa. My guys think this thing will be over within a week. It's not really a coup. [Zelaya] wanted to be elected again; he couldn't be; Congress said no president can defy the constitution; we're going to move you out. The military's not in charge; people are not down there shooting each other. There is nothing to be afraid of in Roatan.”

The #11 island green at The Black Pearl has taken shape and was seeded with sprigs of Paspalum, a salt-tolerant grass that allows watering with brackish water- a major environmental plus for the project. This will also allow the course to focus on water management to be as low impact as possible.

The island boasts the world’s second largest Barrier reef, and is already a must-visit for avid divers. With the addition of a world class Pete and Perry Dye golf course and a five star resort, Roatan is sure to become the premier vacation destination in the Caribbean. For more information about the Black Pearl at Pristine Bay, please contact lucy@dyedesigns.com.