Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Dye For

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL- Although this year it will host one of the strongest fields in golf, at TPC Sawgrass the star is the golf course. The list of champions here is impressive- Tiger, Phil, Sergio, Norman- but what everyone remebers about this course is the 17th hole. The infamous island green.

So, how did it come about?

Pete says: "On the 17th we dug and we dug and started to shape a big deep lake. There was really no way we could put in dry land. My wife Alice said "why don't we bulkhead the middle and build an island green?" I said "we'll probably get killed, but let's do it." So we piled up some dirt, capped it with sand and bulkheaded it to keep it together and built a green on top."

The course was designed for this tournament and has always provided a challenge to the players. It is not overly long, but requires players to hit every shot with purpose.

"It not only challenges you physically, but it challenges you mentally," Says Steve Stricker. "It’s like a major. There’s no letup on any hole. On every single shot, you have to be committed."

Enjoy watching this weekend!!